Newsletter Chaire Innovations Managériales #5

07 janvier 2019
Publications de la Chaire Innovations Managériales

Publications presse (Sélection)


Publications académiques

  • ARNAUD, N., FAURÉ, B., MENGIS, J., COOREN, F. (2018). Interconnecting the practice turn and communicative approach to organizing: A new challenge for collective action? M@n@gement, Vol. 21 (2), 691-704
  • BARDON, T., VILLESECHE, F., ARNAUD, N. (2018). The (surprising) roles of shop-floor conversations in inter-organizational collaboration, EGOS Colloquium, Tallin (Estonia), 5-7 july
  • LETIERCE, C., ARNAUD, N., MILLS, C.E. (2018). Middle managers’ building and dwelling strategizing, EURAM, Reykjavik (Iceland)
  • LETIERCE, C., ARNAUD, N., MILLS, C.E. (2018). Fostering Dwelling and Building Strategizing Abilities: A Case for Empowering Middle Managers, Academy of Management Meeting, August 10-14, Chicago, Illinois (USA)
  • LETIERCE, C., (2018) Innovation Managériales : quelles visions du management de proximité?, AIMS, Montpellier (France).
  • QUENTAL, C., BARDON, T., BARUCH, Y. (2018). An Empirical Examination of Protean Career Orientation and the Dark and Bright sides of Careers among Partners in Global Consultancy Firms, British Academy of Management, Bristol (UK), 4-6 September. Best Full Paper Award 2018 (HRM) - British Academy of Management Conference , 2018

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